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Warriors Route Map

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A Night of Fancy Racing

Fancy a fancy night out in style. The Warriors Festival are bringing the blitz and bling of Abu Dhabi to The Strand Bar on FRIDAY 3RD AUGUST and are inviting you to come join the fun. The Abu Dhabi Derby promises a great night of Horse Racing complete with betting booth and we want you guys n gals to get in the spirit of the Emirates by coming in Fancy Dress be it a Sheik, Sultan, Arabian Princess, Shaker (Belly Dancer), or Prince. We'll have the red carpet out for you and it'll be time to glam up the Beachfront. We'll give those in Fancy Dress a couple of free bets to get you started. Great night of fun promised.

14th August 2011 - Car Treasure Hunt

Get out yer thinking caps for a tour of the peninsula.  Barbeque afterwards in The Dunes Tavern.

Treasure Hunt.jpg

30th July 2011 - Strandhill Idol

Singers/Potential Singers : Check Out Our CATALOGUE To Pick Your Favourite Song


12 of Strandhills finest will battle it out to see who wins the Judges Vote and who wins the Popular Vote.
Tense stuff guaranteed.

1st May 2011 - Launch Of The 2011 Warriors Festival

Parade Poster HB.jpg


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Race Pack Collection

Race packs can be collected in The Warriors Festival Marquee on FRIDAY 26TH AUGUST 2011 between 6PM and 8PM.  This will INCLUDE Timing Chip so a return top the Marquee on Saturday IS NOT NECESSARY.

Collection also on SATURDAY 27TH AUGUST 2011 between 12PM and 2PM.



You should try to get to Strandhill Village as early as possible on the day of the Warriors Run as parking and traffic restrictions will be put in place early in the day.  The main Car Park usually fills early and it is important to note that this will be CLOSED between 2.30PM and 5.30PM.  NO CARS WILL BE ALLOWED IN OR OUT so be aware if you have to make an early exit from the village.

Ample parking available all along the Airport Road.  Please be patient as Marshalls will ask you to reverse into place in some sections allowing you speedier and safer departure.  Parking also available at St Patricks Church, Strandhill National School and up along the Burma Road.

Shuttle Buses

If your looking for a stress free day, why not take one of the many Shuttle Buses to Strandhill on Saturday 27th.  Avoid the traffic and parking restrictions with buses from 10.20am and going back into Sligo up to 11.50pm.  Timetable below.

Shuttle Bus.jpg

Timing Chips

If you collect your Race Pack on Friday, remember to bring your chip for Saturday as we cannot reissue chip and may have to charge for lost ones.  Please ensure to return your chip at the end of the Race after you regain your breath and sea level legs. 

Water Stations

There are 5 Water Stations along the route : (1) Mayes (aka Culleenamore Stables), Culleenamore (2) Glen Road prior to off roading it up the mountain (3) Mountain Car Park on the way down (4) Rathcarrick Forest Car Park (5) St Annes Church.  There also will be ample water at the finish line.  Please keep hydrated on route especially if it is a hot day (stop sniggering, we sometimes get sunshine this side)

Schedule For The Day (FAO Runners/Walkers/Stewards)

(Road Restrictions/Closure Times Subject To Change)
8.00am   Start/Finish Prep (Stewards place assigned at VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION)
10.00am Registration Area Prep
11.00am Course Inspection I
11.00am Shore Road Access Restricted
11.30am Steward Sign In at Festival Marquee (Equipment/Radio Distribution)
12.00pm Safety Briefing
12.00pm Race Pack Collection
12.30pm Shore Road Closed
1.00pm Course Inspection II
1.30pm Agencies Briefing (Emergency Personnel assigned at MEDIC/RESCUE meeting) 
2.00pm Corral Prep and Inspection
2.00pm Runners Village Post Race Prep
2.15pm Warriors Parade (Warriors, Warriors Queen, Joe Cullen, Pipe Band)
2.30pm Warm Up - Onstage With Miriam Cunningham
2.30pm Shore Road Closed (From Airport Road to Beach)
2.45pm Runners Announcements
2.50pm Call To Start Line
3.20pm Call To Start Line (Walkers)
3.30pm Warriors Walk Away
3.45pm Finish Line Prep / Finish Area Prep
4.00pm Runners Home Start
4.00pm Runners Village Open For Refreshments/Showers/Physio
5.30pm Decon Prep
5.45pm Prizegiving Prep
6.00pm Prizegiving (On Truck Weather Permitting, In Marquee If Weather Is Bad)
6.00pm Runners Village Close
6.15pm Finish Area Deconstruct
6.30pm Clean Up
9.45pm Chinese Lantern Event Prep (Weather Permitting)
10.00pm Chinese Lanterns Away

Pre Race Meetings Schedule

Thursday 18th August @ 7pm - The Stand Bar FOR Public Information Leaflet Drop Strandhill Village
Saturday 20th August @ 6pm - Strand Celtic FOR Medical Personnel, Rescue Team, Doctor, Safety Officers
Tuesday 23rd August @ 6.30pm - Glen Road FOR Course Inspectors, Route Clean Up Teams
Wednesday 24th August @ 7pm - Strand Celtic FOR Volunteers, Stewards, Marshalls Orientation
Thursday 25th August @ 7pm - Lower Shore Car Park FOR Traffic Management (Funfair Set Up)
Friday 26th August @ 10am - Lower Shore Car Park FOR Traffic Management (Marquee Set Up)
@ 6pm - Glen Road FOR Mountain Route Markers
@ 6pm - Shore Road FOR Registration Set Up
@ 7pm FOR Road Signage and Safety Set Up


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