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Warriors Route Map

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About the Warriors Run

Warriors Run Route Map:

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From the beachfront at Strandhill the race starts up along the Shore Road to the junction at St Patrick’s RC Church and Spar Shop. It takes the uphill road to the right, which will bring it up Buenos Aires Drive to the top junction to the Top Road in Strandhill. 

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A 90-degree right will bring the race along the Top Road through Strandhill Village and then downhill into Culleenamore. It continues along the main road through Culleenduff before reaching the Glen Road junction. 

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The uphill climb now begins as the race goes up the steep Glen Road. At the small car park beyond the entrance to the Glen, the race takes a left onto private land and continues up the mountain along its ridge and onto the top approaching the Cairn from the South.

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Once on top of Knocknarea, it turns left and runs around the base of the cairn in a clockwise direction and starts back down the mountain path onto the Tourist trail. Back through the mountain car park onto the Glen Road it turns left through Grange North and continues along this road until reaching the crossroads.

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Taking a 90-degree left it continues along this road through Rathcarrick and starts back down to the main road via the High Brea and past St Anne’s COI Church. 

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Back onto the main Sligo road it turns left for Strandhill and continues past the Petrol Station leading back into Strandhill Village. 

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At the roundabout, it keeps left up to the junction at Kellys Bar and back down Buenos Aires Drive. Its final leg is back along the Shore Road to the finish line at the Beachfront.


 Route Map 09b.jpg

WS = waterstation

Please note that the part of the map above that is marked in RED is the new section of the route and goes over private property.  The new section of the run will only be open on race day.  As such, please use public paths and roads for training.




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